The PCR Is Pinning Now!

ImageYes, we’ve joined Pinterest, the social media site that is rapidly taking over the internet. For those who need an introduction, it’s a place where users virtually pin images based on a particular theme or topic to virtual (bulletin) boards. Pinners can share their boards with others. Clicking on a pin sends you to the web page where the image is located. For some pins there are articles, directions for a craft project, or instructions on how to purchase the object in the image.

Because it’s a lot more fun than reading a list of websites, the PCR is using Pinterest to provide you with links to great online articles and resources, such as those on our first two boards:

  • Social media downloads, articles, and more; and
  • Lent and Easter children’s crafts and activities.

You may be wondering what your church could do with its own Pinterest account, so we added a third board today called How Churches Can Use Pinterest. We’d love to hear suggestion for other PCR boards you’d like to see.

So check out the PCR boards and, if you haven’t already, set up an account for yourself or your church. Happy pinning!


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