PCR webinars help churches use social media

Social MediaThe topics of PCR’s webinars are determined in response to the most frequently asked questions we get from the churches we serve. One of the biggest topics today is how to use social media. In response, PCR offers a number of webinars on this topic given by well-known experts in the field.

Coming up on Tuesday, May 13, we’ll be having a webinar entitled Using Visual Social Media to Embrace the Sacred and Build Community in which Meredith Gould will be talking about how churches can use Pinterest and Instagram. Meredith is the author of The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways and The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today. Recordings of two of Meredith’s previous webinars are available; they are Making Sure Your Church Website Works and Enhance Your Digital Ministry: Strategy and Tactics for Integrating Social Media.

Other recorded webinars on social media that are available for viewing include a series of three “Jesus Marketer” webinars given by Len Wilson, an expert in worship media and the author of nine books including The Wired Church 2.0. The webinars are How To Craft A Message That Changes Hearts and Lives, Seven Secrets To Gain A Following For Your Big Idea, and Ten Things You Can Do Today To Get Better At Social Media.

Rev. David Czeisel is part of a group which offers workshops on technology and social media to churches in the United Methodist Church. His recorded webinar, Facebook Ministry 101, is available for viewing.

Our webinar program was started in 2011 as a way to meet the needs of the people in the churches we serve in a convenient, economical way. They can participate in a live webinar in the comfort of their own home or, if the time of the webinar is not convenient for them, they can watch the recorded webinar at any time. Knowing how valuable time is to people in ministry, we decided to keep our webinars to an hour in length and to focus on practical answers to questions that churches ask.

We offer free Christian Education webinars and free webinars on other topics; our paid webinars are offered for a nominal fee of $10. We encourage those in a church to either watch our webinars together or share the recorded webinars. Visit the webinar page of our website for more information or to register for upcoming or recorded webinars.


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