Messy Church: a new way of doing church for families

Messy ChurchThe Messy Church movement started in England but is spreading around the world; it’s presently in twelve other countries including the United States. If you’ve never heard of Messy Church, it’s a church program for families and others based around welcome, crafts and art, celebration and eating together. It’s a program which seeks to reach out to people who don’t ordinarily attend church services.

Messy Church gatherings aren’t usually on Sunday mornings. Their time and place is determined by what is best for families. Here at PCR we’re seeing a trend toward churches exploring times other than Sunday morning for their children’s ministry programs.

Hope Lutheran Church located in Selden, New York, offers Messy Church once a month for about two hours. Their website states that “The group includes parents and grandparents, children and teens, who play some games, work on craft activities, join in an upbeat time of celebration about an important story from the Bible, and spend time sharing a family-style meal prepared by loving hands.”

Rev. Dr. Richard Hill, the pastor of Hope Lutheran, spent time in England researching the Messy Church program before starting it in his own church. He will be presenting a webinar on Messy Church for us on May 20, 2014. If you’re not able to attend the live presentation, a recording of the webinar will be available for one year after the broadcast. You can click here to register to attend or view the recording.

You can also visit the Messy Church website for more information. There are books, DVDs, and other resources available on the resources page of the website.

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