At-a-distance subscriptions

laptop with catOnce upon a time using the PRC meant a trip to visit our center at Rocky Point, NY. For some subscribers this might be a 30 minute or longer trip, so we would often work with people by phone and mail out resources to them. We could also use our fax machine to send them copies of resources if they had access to a fax machine as well.

As life got busier, this way of doing things wasn’t working for many folks from the churches we served. We began using e-mail and the internet. We also started to “take our show on the road,” often meeting with groups in their church or elsewhere, and dropping off and picking up resources from churches and even private homes. We also opened a satellite office in the Bellport United Methodist Church to better serve folks in that area.

Although we still offer live workshops and training, our webinars have become increasingly popular and allow participants to attend from anywhere there’s a computer and internet access. Those who can’t attend live can watch the recorded version. Although our online outreach was originally started to better serve those in our geographic area, we found that we were starting to see more and more people from all around the country using our services.

That is how our At-a-Distance Subscription program began. You no longer need to live close to the center to subscribe as we can now work with you online or by telephone. Our GoToMeeting software allows us to even work with groups in a live, online meeting. The fee for an At-a-Distance subscription is $250 for a year which includes consultations on any area of church ministry. We have many resources we are able to share with you by e-mail. You might also consider a Webinar Subscription which is $150 per year and entitles you to view every webinar we produce for a one year period. To find out more, visit the Who We Are page of our website and read about two ways to use the PRC from a distance.

BTW, after much deliberation and some bureaucratic snafus, we are no longer using the name Practical Churches Resources. We are now officially Practical Resources for Churches or the PRC. Sorry about the confusion!


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