Interested in online faith formation?

online learningSocial interaction between people is increasingly happening online and churches are beginning to realize this is a trend that needs to be addressed. Rather than complaining about the lack of consistency in attendance at worship services and church programs, more and more churches are adapting to changes in society and offering online ministry opportunities.

Online learning can provide wonderful opportunities for those who want to grow in their faith but have busy or inconsistent schedules and can’t commit to a traditional Bible study or Sunday school class. PRC can offer guidance for churches looking to take their faith formation online and work with you to develop a step by step program for creating online programs.

Besides personalized guidance and resources such as books and DVDs, PRC offers webinars that address this topic. Our upcoming webinar entitled “Online plus in-Person Hybrid Learning in Congregational Faith Formation” will provide advice for churches whose faith formation offerings are reaching only a small segment of their members. It will provide a model for busy families and others that want to grow in their faith but can’t handle a weekly commitment. Hybrid faith formation networks involve small groups meeting monthly in person for fellowship and relationship building and then learning as connected individuals during the rest of the month using online activities. The webinar will give participants technical training, facilitation strategies, and program ideas.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT. If you’re unable to attend the live broadcast of the webinar you can still register and you’ll be sent a link to view the recorded webinar. It will be led by Rev. Kyle Matthew Oliver who serves as digital missioner and learning lab coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary. He is a contributor to Faith Formation Learning Exchange, program developer for the e-Formation Conference, editor of the Key Resources faith formation blog, and an Episcopal priest serving in metro Washington.

The fee for the webinar is $10.00. Those who register are invited to share the webinar with others in their church. To register or to view the recorded webinar after the broadcast date click here.


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