HomeGrown Faith

home_grown_faith_logoPRC’s recent webinars have been focusing on intergenerational ministry and worship. For a number of years, most churches tended to separate people by age for faith formation activities and even worship. A family might travel to church together but, once they walked through the doors of the church, the children went off to Sunday school, the teens went to the youth room, and the adults went to Bible study or worship. Although grouping by age can be beneficial for certain educational activities, experts in faith formation are now seeing that everyone, young and old, can benefit from being together for worship, service/mission projects, and other activities.

HomeGrown Faith is the ministry of Linda Staats, who has a Masters degree in Human Development and Family and minor degrees in Child Development and Gerontology. She has also served in numerous areas relating to faith formation and stewardship in the Lutheran Church ELCA. The HomeGrown Faith website states that their vision includes “creating a seamless journey for faith formation that connects each generation, age and stage of life” and “equipping households to speak the language of faith and the heart of faith – at home and away from home.”

Where did the name of the ministry, HomeGrown Faith, come from? Linda states that, similar to the exchanges at a farmers market, her hope is that “HomeGrown Faith will become a space and a relationship where we share fresh ideas and support one another in the nurturing of an organic faith in Jesus Christ, deeply rooted, generative, and sustainable for a lifetime.”

On Tuesday, March 10, at 7:00 PM EDT, Linda Staats will be presenting a webinar for PRC titled Cross+Generational Engagement where she will talk about the “why and “how” of cross+generational (intergenerational) ministry. Participants will also discover how this ministry is about accompaniment and weaves together the skills, faith narratives, perspectives and gifts of six generations into a congregation’s witness, mission and ministry. To register to attend this free webinar, you can click here. If you’re not able to attend the webinar in person, you may use the same link to register to view the recorded webinar.


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