Help for a Holy Lent and Blessed Easter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those in ministry to children, youth, and adults in the church, offering resources to help make the seasons of Lent and Easter meaningful and spiritual is important. Thankfully, this doesn’t require a lot of work or a big budget. There are some wonderful websites out there which offer creative activities for all ages to help them celebrate a holy Lent and blessed Easter.

Bless Each One
The website Bless Each One: Weaving faith into everyday life has a section on Lent and Easter. There is a free downloadable Lenten devotional based on the Psalms which has an introduction, readings for each day, and weekly discussion questions. There are also suggestions for easier to read versions of the Psalms for children and teens. Holy Week reading bookmarks are available to distribute to church families. One side has a reading for each day of Holy Week while the other side can be used to share the times of your Holy Week services. The bookmarks are available in Microsoft Word format, so you can customize them for your church’s use.

Building Faith
Enter “Lent” in the Building Faith search box and a number of the blog’s posts will come up, including one about creating a prayer loom or a prayer net as a group activity. There’s also a post about Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home which can be shared with your congregation by email or as a link on your church’s website.

PRC – Practical Resources for Churches
The Lent and Easter page of PRC’s Links & Online Resources section includes booklets on Celebrating Lent and Easter in Sunday School, Holy Week Activities for Children, and Making Lent More Meaningful to Children. The booklets include clickable links to information and suggested activities. You can also watch free recorded webinars on topics related to Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. In addition, there are lists of websites with Lenten children’s activities.

Rethinking Youth Ministry
You’ll find several blog posts with Ideas for Lent on the Rethinking Youth Ministry website, including directions for putting together Lenten prayer stations based on the Lord’s Prayer. Unfortunately, since most of the posts are several years old, you may encounter a few dead links so you might have to adapt the ideas accordingly.

-Debbie Kolacki

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