Enter to Win a Free Copy of “The Day When God Made Church”

The Day When God Made Church


I fell in love with The Day When God Made Church: A Child’s Book About Pentecost the first time I saw it. This was shortly after it was published last year with words by Rebekah McLeod Hutto and illustrations by Stephanie Haig. Hutto’s language captures the wonder and excitement of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the early Christians on the first Pentecost, while Haig’s illustrations are colorful, fun, and inspiring. The publisher, Paraclete Press, lets you view the entire book on its website. You can also watch a video about the making of the illustrations. The book would make a wonderful addition to a children’s ministry collection or as a gift to a child or even an adult who would appreciate the beautiful words and drawings.

I first heard about the book last year when PRC presented a webinar titled “Worship for All Ages: Ideas for Pentecost” led by Karen Ware Jackson, pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC. (The free webinar was recorded and can be viewed using the link in this paragraph.)  Rev. Jackson suggested using The Day When God Made Church in a worship service for all ages. Calling the book “amazing” and “inspiring,” she said it could be simply read, as the words stand on their own, or read while showing the images (after getting permission from the publisher). She also suggested that children or even the entire congregation could enact the images as the words are read, as in this passage:

A new sound comes.
Words, like raindrops,
fall across the room.
Some with LOUD sounds,
some with quiet WHISPERS,
words like DRUMBEATS,
words that TIPTOE through the air.

The last page of the book includes ideas for parents, educators, and pastors for celebrating Pentecost with children using symbols, participation in worship, and even holding a birthday celebration for the church.

Paraclete Press is giving away three free copies of The Day When God Made Church. To enter the giveaway, just comment on this blog post or like PRC’s Facebook page.



32 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Free Copy of “The Day When God Made Church”

  1. Any opportunity to help kids connect with the language of the church is such a gift! Would love to win this book!

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